Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

Work Plan

There are four work packages in CASSIS:

WP1 – Project Management

This work package deals with all issues related to the management of the project. It includes developing a Dissemination and Use Plan (DUP) and developing a plan to ensure the projects sustainability.

WP2 – Standards and Interoperability

The projects involved in CASSIS are studying different areas of science within the solar system; there are overlaps between the projects since there are no hard boundaries between the disciplines and in fact there are some intentional overlaps.

Many of the tools needed to search for interesting data and manage access data are similar for the three projects. Also, there are a number of data sets that could be shared – HELIO needs access to planetary magnetospheric and ionospheric data; Europlanet RI need access solar data as a source of some effects, etc.

The objective of this WP is to establish mechanisms by which this can be achieved. Not only will this improve access to data within each project, it will facilitate scientific research that spans the boundaries of all the communities involved in science of the solar system.

The principal tasks in the work package are: i) Examine if services can be shared; ii) Improve access to datasets; iii) Improve the contents and quality of search metadata.

WP3 – Networking

In this WP, members of the CASSIS consortium will engage the different communities in discussions aimed at gathering user requirements and feedback that will ensure the most useful overall interoperability between the project involved and with the wider communities

While WP2 dealt mainly with improving aspects of technology and data related to the use of observations, this WP is mainly concerned with achieving better integration at the scientific level.

The principal tasks in the work package are: i) Discuss requirements with other partners and the wider community; ii) Discuss ways of increasing interoperability with related communities; iii) Provide coordination on standards; iv) Hold Community Consultation Meetings.

WP4 – Dissemination

The key objective of the dissemination activity is to ensure that principle stakeholders are kept informed and aware of the work of CASSIS and the outcomes that are specifically relevant to them.

This work package therefore provides the mechanism for disseminating the results of CASSIS to the whole user community, the wider European science community, SMEs and Industry, and European policy makers.

The principal tasks in the work package are: i) Coordinate the On-line Outreach Activities for the Projects; ii) Establish a European Solar System Media Centre; iii) Hold Vision for Solar System Science Workshops.