Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

Reference Material

Standards Organizations

  International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)    [Link]
  International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA)    [Link]
  Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)    [Link]
  International Organization for Standardization (ISO)    [Link]

  Dublin Core Metadata Element Set    [Link]

Data Access Standards

  Various standards devekoped by the IVOA    [Link]
    – (incl. VOEvents, VORegistry, VOSpace, VOResource and VODataService)
  Various standards devekoped by the IPDA    [Link]
    – (incl. PDAP)

File Related Links

    IAU Guidelines for Data archives    [Link]
    Kanzelhohe filename convention    [Link]

  File Formats
    Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) Support Office    [Link]
    Common Data Format (CDF) Support Office    [Link]

  FITS Keywords
    Solarsoft Overview of FITS keywords    [Link]
    Comparison of FITS keywords of solar images for Helioviewer    [Link]
    Recommendations for FITS headers (An SPD Poster by J.A. Hourclé, NASA-GSFC)    [PDF]

    Kanzelhohe-specific FITS keywords and FITS Sample Headers    [Link]
    STEREO/SECCHI FITS Header Keyword Definition    [PDF]
    SDO/AIA FITS keywords for Scientific Usage    [PDF]
    PROBA2/SWAP Description of the FITS file headers    [Link]

    A mapping of FITS keywords to the IVOA Spectral data model is provided at the end of this document    [PDF]

Bibliography – Coordinates

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   Temporal Coodinates
ISO 8601:2004 – Standard for the representation of dates and times International Organization for Standardization Formats for dates and times [Ref]