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Coordination Activities

Community Coordination Meetings

Community Coordination Meetings are opportunities to talk with the communities involved in science in the Solar System, describe the objectives of the CASSIS project and how it affects communities and and to seek user input.

Suitable venues for Community Coordination Meetings are in conjunction with major international scientific meetings such as and the European Space Weather Week (ESWW; usually held in November in Belgium), the European Geosciences Union (EGU; usually held in the spring, most recently in Vienna). and the European Planetary Space Congress (EPSC; usually held in September). In fact, we have run Splinter sessions related to CASSIS at several of the ESWW meetings.

During the first year of CASSIS we determined that in order to gather some of the information that we needed the best approach was to work with the communities individually rather than hope to have a properly representative cross-section at any of meetings mentioned. Most of the meeting held reflect this approach.


Since CASSIS is mainly about standards and interoperability, our interaction with standards bodies is important.

Science within the Solar System differs from general astrophysics; this is because we are immersed in the system that we are observing and the nature of the observations and timescales involved are different in many respects. In order to accommodate the differences, modifications to existing stabdards may be neeed.

A link to a report summarizing changes to recommendations by the IVOA is given on the page on Standards.


Although at first sight the interactions with project may not seem relevant to community coordination, it should be realized that the Solar Orbiter and SOLARNET projects represent a considerable investment on behalf of the communities and the data that they are designed to produce will be used by the communities for decades to come.

For a project like Solar Orbiter, representatives from different parts of the solar community had to lobby for many years and compete against proposed missions from other communities; to an extent, it represents the aspirations of that community.



Coordination Activities

CC Meetings

CESRA Workshop
La Roche en Ardenne,

EAST Workshop
Tatranska Lomnica,

ESWW 2010
Bruges, Belgium

ESWW 2011
Namur, Belgium

ESWW 2012
Brussels, Belgium

ESWW 2013
Antwerp, Belgium

Athens, Greece

Science Operations
Madrid, Spain  




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