Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

Vision for Solar System Science (VS3) Workshops

Science within the solar system is currently fragmented into a number of different communities. HELIO, Europlanet RI and SOTERIA bring together the scientific communities involved in heliophysics, planetary science and solar terrestrial research respectively and Europlanet's Technology Foresight workshops provide a platform for the planetary science community to discuss with industry the scientific challenges – and possibilities – of future exploration of the Solar System. However, this is just a part of what is needed to establish a coherent vision spanning all areas of solar system science.

CASSIS is hosting three meetings – called Vision for Solar System Science (VS3) Workshops – that will bring together all stakeholders, including scientists, industry, funding bodies, government agencies and policy makers at the national and European level in order to discuss the role and opportunities created by solar system science within the context of global research, the European jobs market and industry and to champion the concept of joined up solar system science within Europe.



VS3-0 Workshop
Noordwijk, Netherlands
January 2012

VS3-1 Workshop
Bruges, Belgium
September 2012

VS3-2 Workshop
Paris, France
April 2013