Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science


The CASSIS project is examining how to improve interoperability in the data and services associated with Solar System science. The boundaries of the science covered are fuzzy by CASSIS and in the first instance we are mainly considering the communities involved in Heliophysics, the effect of the Sun on the Solar System.

The communities directly involved in Heliophysics include:

  • Solar Physics
  • Heliospheric Physics
  • Planetary Sciences
  • Geo-sciences, incldung magnetospheric and ionospheric physics

However, the work of CASSIS is also relevant to related communities in adjacent, overlapping areas. For example:

  • The Earth's climate shows a degree of variability that may be due to a number of causes – one these could be related to long-term changes in solar activity.
  • A study of the Sun and Solar System can help us understand effect observed on distant stellar systems.

The work of CASSIS is also relevant to projects and we have been working with include Solar Orbiter and SOLARNET.